Higher Education and Brexit: It is not just about the money

By Dr Fabio Aricò

The media and the press have bashed us with endless sequences of statistics and figures about the loss of fee revenues and research funding universities would incur as the result of a Brexit. There is no doubt that this is a real threat for the health of the British Higher Education system, but when thinking education we should not focus exclusively on money matters: quality is the real concern. I am an immigrant academic, who had to compete to secure an academic job in the UK. More than that, I am the teacher of a large and internationally diverse group of students, and I can appreciate the benefits of working in an internationalised campus environment. In this post I will argue that competition among academics, and diversity within the student population, are the key determinants of quality and excellence of the British Higher Education system. Brexit is a threat to such excellence, and here are the reasons why. Continue reading “Higher Education and Brexit: It is not just about the money”

Corruption in Sport

By Dr Peter Dawson

One would be forgiven for thinking that corruption in sport is a recent phenomenon given the frequent news stories of corruption, bribery and doping offences. These have included performance-enhancing drug taking in cycling and baseball and match-fixing in football (soccer) and cricket. This is not the case however. Examples have been documented as far back as the Olympic Games of AD 388, where Eupolos of Thessalia bribed three of his competitors in the fist-fighting tournament. In 1889, American baseball pitcher Pud Galvin used a testosterone supplement derived from the testicles of live animals, including dogs and guinea pigs, in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Continue reading “Corruption in Sport”

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