Thinking Critically about Critical Thinking: The Limits of Orthodox Economics

By Lea Sixtl

The academic discipline is dominated by mainstream economics. Orthodox economics. Is there space for criticism? As it is so strongly encouraged within the academic environment: “Think critically”, they say, but all that is taught is one school of thought. A thought the majority of the crowd accepts, not daring to step outside the box and start criticising the white (wild) west.

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A Conversation With… Tata Vareekasem

Economics at UEA has a successful Peer Assisted Learning system (PAL), engineered by our very own Head of School: Emiliya. Reflecting staff-student partnership, we are now looking at widening the scheme to ensure more students can benefit. The School has highly successful student support and continues to find new ways to help students develop and maximise their potential. We asked one of our PAL student mentors, Tata Vareekasem, about his experience after his successful involvement in the National PAL Conference.

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