Meet the Lecturers: Odile Poulsen



Odile Poulsen – Behavioural Economist and Avid Knitter

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and main interests in economics?

I did my Ph.D in Growth Theory at the University of Essex, an area of Macroeconomics which is very dominated by the Neo-Classical paradigm. I am now more interested in Behavioral Economics because it is not restricted by this paradigm, and most research in this area seems more realistic and feels closer to real world interactions.

What do you think makes studying Economics at UEA special?

There is a very good atmosphere in the school, the staff are passionate about teaching and really care about the students… Also we teach Behavioral Economics which is a bit of a hot topic at the moment! 🙂


How does a degree in Economics prepare you for your future career?

I think studying economics gives you a good set of skills, such as numeracy, presentation, and analytical skills. You also learn how to use computer packages that are used in most firms around the country.

Economics opens your mind and teaches you to think differently and rationally about a given problem and it equips you with tools to solve that problem successfully. These kind of skills are highly transferrable to many real world situations.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the mix between teaching, doing research and the amount of flexibility the job provides me. The best part is the interactions with students, I like passing down knowledge about a subject I am passionate about! Teaching is also a great opportunity to come up with new research ideas.

What should students expect from their first year?

Being away from home can be challenging for some students, but all the staff are here to help. The School has a policy of monitoring attendance to seminars and providing both emotional and pastoral support for our students, who generally adapt quickly and prosper both socially and academically.

 What are your interests away from academia?

I love walking, knitting, sewing, swimming and having a laugh.




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