Meet the lecturers: Antony Jackson

In our next Q&A, meet Lecturer in Financial Economics Antony Jackson

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and main interests in economics?

I’m a former investment banker, having worked for Barclays in London and Credit Suisse in Tokyo. I always harboured the desire to study for a doctorate, though—fortunately, I received full funding from the University of Leicester in 2009 to study for a PhD in Economics, under the research title “Computational Models of Financial Markets.” My main interests are in portfolio theory and empirical asset pricing. How do investors take advantage of economic forecasts? Can algorithmic trading rules be profitable?

What do you think makes studying Economics at UEA special?

We have twice been ranked 8th in the UK recently for research excellence. There is a real drive in the School Economics towards research-driven teaching. Students can be confident that they are being taught concepts at the frontier of economic knowledge.

How do you embrace modern technology in your teaching methods?

Most of my lectures are in IT labs. I like using Excel and VBA, tools that are in high demand with financial employers.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like the small-group teaching seminars, where I can really get to know individual students. The School of Economics also allows a great deal of flexibility in how I can develop my career.

How do you engage with students both inside and outside of classes?

I like the students to actively create and run the programs I am demonstrating in class.  My door is always open for advice on entering investment careers.

What should students expect from their first year?

They should be open to challenging what they have learnt in previous studies. This is particularly true with regard to transitioning from A-level to university studies.

What are your interests away from academia?

I have just been awarded the CFA charter—the leading global investment qualification. I like to keep current with the interests of practitioners. With regard to home life, I live in a rural part of Norfolk, in a house with a couple of acres of land. We’ve enjoyed making the land suitable for keeping horses on, and teaching our young twins to ride.



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