Meet the lecturers: Zoe Bett

In the first of a new series, meet School of Economics lecturer Zoe Bett… 

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and main interests in economics?

I completed my undergraduate degree at Aberdeen University. After graduating I worked for a number years in marketing in Hamburg. I then got a bit home sick so I returned to the UK to do my MSc in Experimental Economics before continuing on to do my PhD in Experimental Economics.

What do you think makes studying Economics at UEA special?

We are a very friendly and approachable department and offer a lot of support outside of the traditional lecture and seminar setting. Of course being in Norwich is also brilliant! The city has a lot to offer but it’s small enough that you can reach everything quickly.

How do you embrace modern technology in your teaching methods?

I like “clickers” because I think they really let students engage with the material. I’m also a fan of using videos in my lectures.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy supporting students and teaching lectures.

How do you engage with students both inside and outside of classes?

I come to the pub quizzes although I’m not sure I’m too much help to the staff team as my sport and film knowledge is lacking!

What should students expect from their first year?

It will definitely be a change from high school life but in a positive way. Some things might be a little daunting at first but that will soon change and you’ll have a lovely time. Expect to work hard but to have lots of fun too.

What are your interests away from academia?

I do karate and I’m currently really enjoying the Bake-off! I’ve also recently started swimming. Also, I like to tell people that I led Norwich City Football club to an amazing win in December last year. I took the ball out onto the pitch before the game started (legally, I might add) and subsequently Norwich won 5-1 – magic hands!

zoe pic

Zoe and her magic hands!


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