Welcome to the School of Economics at UEA’s Blog.

With this blog we hope to share our enthusiasm about what we do — research and teaching – and to make this accessible to other academics, students, policy makers, practitioners, and journalists.

We produce blog content across three themes:

  • Staff Blogs – These blogs, by our academic and research staff, either comment on events and issues from around the world where economic theory is relevant or they disseminate the research going on within the school
  • Meet the Lecturers – In this series we interview our staff, discussing their interests both academically and in real life
  • Student Blogs – Our Student Blog series features the best of our student work from the undergraduate modules Government, Welfare and Policy and International Macroeconomics. These blogs apply economic theory to contemporary issues, and are an excellent example of the quality of student work coming out of the School of Economics!

We aim to post multiple times a month, across a diverse range of issues. Making complex ideas understandable and accessible.

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